The following is a collection of documents directly related to the MarineKIC initiative as well as an informal selection of recent reports and presentations on the state of the maritime economy in Europe.

MarineKIC Initiative Papers

MarineKIC Factsheet
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Proposal for text change to the EIT's Strategic Innovation Agenda, May 2012
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MarineKIC Brochure, January 2012
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MarineKIC Initiative contribution to online consultation of the Directorate-General Education and Culture on the EIT read more
MarineKIC Proposal, May 2011 read more

Documents with specific relevance to the MarineKIC Initiative

Minutes of "Future of Marine and Maritime Innovation in Europe" event, European Parliament, 7 December 2011 read more
EU Committee of Regions Opinion on MarineKnowledge2020 read more

Some Recent Studies of the Maritime Economy in Europe


Green Economy in a Blue World: Synthesis Report, 2012
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Hamburger Weltwirtschaftsinstitut, The Future of the Baltic Sea Region: Potentials and Challenges read more

Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit, National University of Ireland, Ireland’s Ocean Economy read more
The Offshore Valuation Group, A valuation of the UK’s offshore renewable energy resource read more
VDI/VDE-IT et al. für das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie, Stärkung der deutschen meerestechnischen Wirtschaft im internationalen Wettbewerb und Vorbereitung des Nationalen Masterplans Maritime Technologien read more

IFREMER, French Marine Economic Data 2009 read more

The Crown Estate, Socio-economic indicators of marine-related activities in the UK economy read more

European Commission, An exhaustive analysis of employment trends in all sectors related to sea or using sea resources read more

Marine Institute Ireland, Marine Industries Global Market Analysis read more

Some Presentations on the Maritime Economy in Europe

Presentations at the 2nd European Maritime Research and Innovation Policy Conference on 16 June 2011 in Brussels:

1. Sjef van Dooremalen, Chairman, Scheepsbouw Nederland, "Where do we stand after the crisis?"
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2. Michael vom Baur, MvB euroconsult, "What challenges do we face?"
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